We believe that a de-centralized, scaled down model of on-demand experts produces the best overall experience for clients while offering the greatest value.

We view our specialized service as a price competitive alternative to those full service brokers still selling the convenience of discounted labor as a commodity.

We guarantee even greater value with our own secured online overnight report technology, TimelineReports, which organizes daily summary findings in a useful visual format.

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Asset Discovery


Catastrophic Injury

Child Custody

Child Safety Visitation

Commercial Litigation

Corporate Fraud

Disgruntled Employees

Domestic Crises

Due Diligence Inquiries

Employee/Contractor Theft

General Liability


Identity & Lifestyle Verification


Insurance Fraud
Missing Persons

Non Compete Breaches

Partnership Disputes

Personal Disability

Personal Injury

Product Liability

Professional Liability


Time Critical Service of Process

Trade Secrets

Unfair Business Practices

Violation of Trade Secrets

Violations of TRO's

Workers' Compensation

Workplace Violence